How to Mount a TV and Installation- Geek Squad

After purchasing a TV online, Customers are facing the problem regarding the Installation and Mounting of TV. That’s the reason people are buying the product from the local market and the shopkeepers of the local store are providing the installation and mounting facilities as well. Geek Squad is the platform where people can get the customer support even if they have bought the product from the Wallmart and Amazon.

Mounting a TV:

Mounting a TV on the wall is not a tough task but proper guidance and planning will make it easy. If you have some commonly using tools in your house like a screwdriver, Drill machine and a tool to spin the nuts that will make tide well all the nuts used in Mounting. Here are the steps that will give you proper guidance to mount and for any type of query contact to the Geek Squad Tech Support.

Choose a Space for TV Mount

Calculate the Viewing Height and Dimensions

Locate the STUDS and Mark the Holes for Screwing

Fix the Position of Wall Mount

Next Step is to Drill at Marked point

Attach Mount on Wall and TV

These are the steps, By following that people can mount the TV on the wall.

Installation Procedure:

Now from above steps, you can easily mount your TV on the wall and the next step is how to install TV. There is two way to install your TV first is just follow the guidebook that every company provides with the parcel go for it and follow the steps mentioned in this user guide book.

2nd one is you should use your common sense to make the proper connections and all the wire should be attached at the right place. Do not make any type of mistake while connecting the wire that will harm your TV and Setup Box. For any type of problem or confirmation, you can contact the nearest Best Buy Geek Squad store or you can make a call to Geek Squad Number for guidance.

Now you are able to mount and install TV yourself. But if you are still facing the problem to mount you can go to hire the Geek Squad team for mounting and installation of TV. You can get the contact detail of best buy Geek Squad tech support after clicking here.