What does Windows Defender mean?
Window Defender is a by default program provided by Microsoft. It is provided by Microsoft since it launches windows 8 O.S. for computer devices. It is a very popular tool for keeping safe user data by unknown harmful malware. Since the windows starting it is used to be windows essential tool and know it is Windows defender tool. Firstly it is used to protects our system from spyware only but it later in its updated version it become an full antivirus program and give us full protection. To know more you can visit at windows defender antimalware service executable
Windows Defender is a good application for those people who are not interested to buy any antivirus software. They just need to update the application on regular intervals so that there system keeps safe themselves from any harmful agents such as virus, spyware, ransomware, Trojans, malware, etc

One thing to remember here is that you cannot download windows defender application in Windows8 predecessor versions for that you can download windows essential application but remember it will make you safe from spyware only.

Windows Defender Offline program -:

There is windows defender offline program also that is available in CD/DVD and it also works in same way as its online program does. It is useful when windows defender or your antivirus program is unable to start due to some infected file in that case you can insert your CD and scan your computer data. You can ask more about it from windows defender msmpeng.exe

Some main features of Windows Defender Program -:

It give as real time protection option that can be allow by user by going into application setting and unable it.

It also have browser integration in it that allow it to scan file as soon as it is downloaded and if it contains malware in it then it will notify us and ask us not to open that file.

The one main question that arises in most of the person mind is that a windows defender is a good antivirus or not?

Simple answer to this question is NO as it is not much effective to detect viruses as most of the antivirus that are available in the market are effective.

So this was all about Windows Defender program that is made available in Windows8 and its successor’s version. If you still have some question in your mind then contact to windows defender tech support